Thursday, July 26, 2012


I've been a bad blogger lately and I'm having a hard time feeling bad about it. Summer has been busy and I've had to stop blogging as much as I was. Also I've decided that since I'd like Trevor to not fall asleep during movies at night, that we should get to bed about ten o'clock on the weeknights and only watch movies on the weekends. We haven't been able to test it to see if it'll really work but maybe this Friday? It's at least given him more rest for days he does have to work.

Some of our chickens have started to lay eggs. We're getting about three a day. Of course that number could diminish if Carl keeps picking the chickens up by his mouth like he did today but hopefully he doesn't frighten them too much. Our roosters are living their last days. Trevor is trying to convince me that we should butcher them by ourselves, at our own home, and I'm trying to convince him otherwise. I have a feeling he is going to be the winner this time.

I impressed Trevor tonight when he realized he could fold me in half. It seems as if he's forgotten this picture:
He figured out that he could fold the kids in half also. I tried to do it to him and I think he almost had a heart attack. He's pretty flexible otherwise though.

I have a new favorite singer...I know, I always have a new favorite. This time it's Matt Nathanson. So far, I haven't heard one of his songs that I haven't liked. AND Trevor likes him also. Kind of. As much as he can like a singer that doesn't sing country music. 

Right now he's laying on the couch waiting for me to go to bed and I'd much rather do that than stay here on the computer. 

Good night!