Thursday, August 23, 2012

After school activities and mice.

At our house lately, everyone has been loving Nintendo.
About the only game played is Mario Bros. 
I really can't blame them cause it's pretty fun.
(see the fridge? we're getting rid of it...)

I found another mouse in our house today.
I do realize that mice are a part of life if you live far from the city. 
And while it's pretty gross, it just creeps along in one of our kitchen drawers while we're sleeping. 
So tonight Trevor and I went on a mini date to the store for some traps. 
we came home with frozen burritos, chocolate milk and fun size snickers. 
We had a ton of fun. 
I think it must had been because of the snickers. 
However we didn't end up getting any mouse traps because Trevor 
refuses to get the ones where you can actually see the trapped mouse. 
Did I mention Carl brought home a dead, flat (as a pancake) kitty today? 
A dead cat and an alive mouse. 
It's a little ironic.