Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pictures and memories

For the last couple of nights while Trevor takes his shower, I've been sitting at the computer watching our screen saver flip through all of the pictures we've taken for the last seven years. It's one of my favorite things to do.
I've realized that the pictures I enjoy the most are the ones not staged; the ones that bring back memories of what we were doing in the moment that the picture is taken.
Some of them would mean nothing to some people but to me they mean a whole lot.
Like this one for instance:
This one reminds me of a lazy summer evening. Emily made dinner and the other kids watched a movie and read. I was relaxing and reading a book also.
And this one:
It reminds me of how we spend most of our evenings and the ritual we have gotten into (it's constantly evolving). Right now, we walk around outside after the kids go to bed and put the chickens away. We talk about our day and hold hands. Then Trevor showers, I either get on the computer or read, and sometimes (most of the time) we'll have ice cream and watch youtube videos or something equally entertaining...
I always realize also while I look through the old photos, how much I miss my family.
Tonight I really miss P.J. and his family.
It must have been the picture of his nipple that I always seem to see...

Or the pictures of his beautiful wife and cute boys...I'm sure that's it.