Monday, August 6, 2012

Our rooster slaughter

I took a lot of pictures.
No worries, they aren't very gruesome and some can actually be described as cute. 
We killed two of our roosters tonight as a kind of trial for the other 8. 
We set up our slaughter station by our fire pit. 
We made our pit a couple of weeks ago and we absolutely love it. 
Here's a before shot of some of our roosters and hens.
A couple of our roosters were getting mean so we're pretty excited to see them go. 
They're especially mean to the hens when they get excited (if you know what I mean...).
We started off by zip tying their wings and feet together and hanging them up. 
Trevor then made two cuts on their necks to make them bleed out. 
This picture is kind of gross.
But not too bad...
Hey look! It's Stephen playing peek a boo! 
They were pretty grossed out.
Stephens face is absolutely priceless! And Emilys also...
After they were done bleeding, we scalded them in water and 
then dunked them in cold water and finally plucked them. 
We had a storm coming in so we rushed through the plucking and 
finished up the butchering in the house. 
It really was not bad at all. 
We were surprised at how easy and painless it was. 
I'd forgotten how well Trevor and I work together. 
I love working with him cause he's patient and kind with me...even when I mess up.

So we have 8 chickens left to kill. 
Any one want to come join us?