Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The final night.

All ten roosters are now dead. 
Our poor hens were starving because of how mean the roosters were. 
The hens just stayed up on their perch all the time, barely ever coming down for food and water. 
But now they're free to roam without the fear of being attacked. 
Hopefully they will recover from the trauma and start producing more eggs...

We had to have a "couple" picture to document this momentous occasion.
Aren't we such a good looking chicken-killing-couple?
Yes. Definitely. 
So this next picture is a little weird but it was funny how Josh and I were doing the exact same thing. 
The plucking was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. 
At least it wasn't bad until I accidentally put my thumb in the chickens butt. 
That really grossed me out. 
We killed 5 roosters tonight and so we ate dinner very late. 
In fact here is our "rooster killing feast" that we ate at 9:00. 
We had grilled cheese and boiled potatoes. 
Annabelle thought salsa would go well with grilled cheese but not so much...

After tonight we now have frozen chicken to last us for the next couple of months. 
Trevor already has plans to buy some more cornish hens.
Last time we had them all of them died but we now know how to keep them alive...
at least until it's time to butcher them...