Sunday, September 2, 2012

A long weekend.

Another great Sunday.
And since my last post was last Sunday, it's easy to remember how great that one was.
The nice thing about today was that it just seemed to never end. That's so good because we were all having such a good time (but don't assume that it was perfect; it wasn't but the good parts made up for the not so great parts; like the fighting and hitting...)

A week ago Friday, I went running. It was a long, seven mile run and it was really good. I made it in a little over an hour and I felt really good afterward. Although my shoes were really old. I knew I needed to replace them but figured they would be fine for a little while longer. Well they weren't. I strained my right foot and since then, it's hurt really bad. Really, really bad. And I can't seem make it better. I did yoga last night which helped temporarily but this morning it was back to hurting again after I wore heels to church. Trevor suggested wrapping it and through my frustration with not being able to walk normally, I agreed. The first time he wrapped it, it was little loose.
The second time was a little too tight:
(ignore my toe polish..i realized walking out the door that my old polish was chipped and
 so I had to fix it in the car on the way to church. I didn't realize my toes would be in a picture today.)

Hopefully tomorrow I wake up after having it wrapped all day and it'll be perfectly fine. And then I'll talk Trevor into going running with me. Because he doesn't have to work tomorrow and we could do something like that! I love his days off!

Today we sat outside on the porch and this is what we did:
We were goofy,
we were annoying,
and we relaxed and took silly pictures.

And the Sunday still just kept going on. We took a nap together which is one of my favorite parts of Sunday.  And we broke our fast by eating wasabi cheese and crackers.
This evening we played old school country music videos for the kids so they could witness what a true mullet was (because Idaho doesn't have enough of those...). We also introduced them to Weezer, They Might Be Giants, Billy Joel, Phil Collins and many other favorites.
By 9:45 we all ready for bed (and ready for them to be in bed).
It was a great day.

This week the girls went to Rexburg's local water park for back to school night. The school was giving out 2 iPod's; one for the 5th grade and one for the 6th grade. The winner was going to be announced Friday morning over the announcements. Thursday night Emily kept talking about how much she wanted to win; she went to bed talking about it and woke up Friday morning talking about it. I don't think she's ever wanted something so badly.
I picked up Annabelle Friday after school to take her to cheer camp. When she got in the car, we were talking about different things and then she says "Guess what?". I had completely forgotten about the drawing for the iPod so imagine my surprise to hear (and see) that her name was drawn for the 5th grade iPod. I was so excited for her, mainly because she won out of all the others. But I was so sad at the same time because I knew Emily didn't win and I knew how hard this was going to be for her.
I sometimes wish Annabelle hadn't won it. It's a pain and a fight. But she won it and I'm also happy for her. I think this is going to be a great learning experience for Emily, and for me and Trevor as parents because it's really hard to try to make both girls feel okay.
And we've decided that iPods are really cool.
Like really, really cool.
Emily knows exactly what she wants for Christmas now.