Monday, September 10, 2012

My blessings today.

1. A kind and thoughtful husband who isn't afraid to tell me how he feels. And who knows what to say and when. Also, I love that he's not afraid to be affectionate with me in front of the kids, who usually cover their eyes and pretend to be grossed out. (I remember doing the same thing to my parents. They seemed to kiss... a lot.)

2. A happy dinner table. Even though we were just having fried eggs, english muffins and yellow squash. They all still loved it and were very thankful. (Trevor even ate a forkful of the squash but he hated it and I can't blame him. Something about the way it squeaks against the teeth...icky.)

3. I can still play the piano. Slowly, but that's okay. And sometimes I just pluck out the right hand but there's a melody there to sing along to.

4. My friend Stephanie is a huge blessing. It's been about six years since we met and we both have moved a lot since then; she went as far as Alaska. But I love getting together with her and visiting over lunch. She's one of the kindest people I've ever known. And she has the cutest kids in the world.

5. My last blessing today is silly kids. Even though at times it can get annoying, I would absolutely hate for their silliness to be gone. They make me laugh and enjoy life even more when they're being crazy...