Monday, September 17, 2012


One of my most favorite weekly chores is washing my sheets.
I always look forward to 5:45 when Trevor gets home and the first thing we do (after a snack) is go lay on our bed.
It's even better when the sheets smell nice and the bed is big and fluffy.
It's been a productive day.
I've washed sheets,
done laundry,
been a mom (kids are now in bed),
still a wife (we're not in bed yet),
made dinner,
sat back and enjoyed FHE given by the girls,
read my book,
ran 4 miles (kind of hard today...)
I am going to be going to bed for the first time in days without a stomachache.
Productive, indeed.
I also took some pictures.
Notice the boxers sticking out of the shorts, the rib cage, and the look of concentration in order to catch the laffy taffy his dad is throwing at him. And they both built that airport out of legos together. (yep, it's an have to use your imagination)
And here is the best of the best:
That's Joe eating his Laffy Taffy.
Did you know that Josh now wants to be called Joe?
I watch a little boy in the afternoons for a friend. The little boys name is also Josh so I asked my Josh if he wanted a nickname for when his friend is over. He looks at me with a straight face and says "Joe." And so that's what we call him when the other Josh is around. It's hard and it doesn't sound right but Joe likes it.
And he really answers to Joe every time.