Thursday, October 4, 2012

Debate Night/Party

I think it's obvious to the world who won the debate last night.
However Trevor was pretty nervous and excited leading up to it so I decided to make it a party for the whole family!
We ate Chex Lemon Buddies (or I'm referring to them as "Mitt Buddies") and Chex Muddy Buddies (or "Barack Buddies"). They were delicious. We all like Muddy Buddies better but that in no way infers our political stance. We're team Lemon all the way. To be honest though, it wasn't until late last night that I realized that our snack choices coincided perfectly with our presidential candidates...
And last night was awesome.
(was that whole "buddies" thing totally politically incorrect...?)

After just a few minutes, we could both tell that Romney was pummeling Pres. Obama.
It was super awesome.
We were super excited.

The kids watched the whole thing along with us, pretended to not be bored, and sat confused the whole time.
It was important for us to have them watch it though.
This is history, people!
But by the time the debate was over, Josh had succumbed to the boredom.

It was a really, really great night in the Haslem household!