Sunday, October 21, 2012

In case you haven't heard...

I love Sundays.
I really, really do.
I have especially loved this Sunday because it was the Primary Program and it was wonderful. The spirit is always so strong when the kids do their yearly program. I think it would probably be the best time for an investigator to come to the church since I myself feel freshly converted each year I watch it. Especially when my kids are participators.
Today Trevor and I took a nap together. In our bed. And it was so nice. Trevor is like a big oven and I'm always so grateful to have such a warm man...Actually I'm always grateful for him because of much more important things than how warm his body is. But it's still great.
We had dinner at Scott and Jenee's house tonight. Jenee made one of Trevor's favorites: lasagna. He loves it so much and I never make it. I torture him with meals like sloppy sams and veggie burgers. I always love the Sundays we get together with the Haslem's. It doesn't seem to happen nearly enough.
There are no pictures tonight, unfortunately 
But I'm just glad to be able to write down what made today so good.
...Until tomorrow...
(hopefully I actually sit down to blog tomorrow)