Saturday, October 20, 2012


Last night I took Emily and her favorite friend to The Haunted Mill-
Idaho's best and scariest haunted house. 
Just one minute into it and both girls were begging to go back. 
Secretly, in my own head, I wanted to go back also. 
So we turned around and instead decided to just tag along with 
the nice couple behind us. 
She was British, he was not. 
They were great. 
They were so understanding of the screaming eleven year old's (and
Thirty minutes later, we were done and happy to be so. 
It was the scariest haunted house that I've ever been too.  
It was so. much. fun. 
I want to go back but this time with my Trevor so I can hold onto him...

We're having a friend photoshop our family pictures. 
He say's he's really good at it but I'm not so sure...
It's funny cause I was thinking of getting some stars tattooed on my face...
And of course, I always love Trevor with some facial hair.