Thursday, October 18, 2012

Self portrait by Josh/Joe

I woke up this morning with two extra boys in our bed. Both Stephen and Josh had bad dreams last night. I thought that they'd be grown out of sleeping with us but apparently, not yet. 
I also woke up to both Emily and Annabelle in the kitchen, all ready for school, making breakfast for everyone. Anna is always up at six a.m. sharp but it was a big surprise to have Emily up and ready before 7:30. She's a lot like me. 
Lately while I've been on the treadmill, I've been watching movies. It definitely takes the boredom out of running in place. I've watched Fraiser episodes, some Arrested Development, The Notebook, Downton Abbey and others that I just can't remember right now.
I can go for miles and miles while watching something besides the wall. 
It's just too bad that I have to turn the TV up all the way, scoot it out away from the wall, and have the treadmill at an angle...(all worth it, by the way...)
It would be really nice to have a portable something on the wall in front of me while I run (shameless hint intended for my Trevor.)
And right now, he's behind me, snoring on the couch. It only took 2 minutes for him to lay down and fall asleep. I have never known someone to fall asleep so easily. He must have a very clear mind because I can stay up late worrying, thinking about my day, putting together my to do list...I think it's probably a "mom" thing.
I think I'll go wake him up so we can go to bed.
Good night!