Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The baby of our family!

What is your favorite food? Spaghetti and Meatballs
What is your favorite color? Black and brown and blue and gray
Who is your best friend? Hazen
What is your favorite thing to do? Play with my friends and with mom (ahhh.)
What do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut and a skydiver
What are you scared of? Breaking bones and Michael Jackson 
What do you think is the best thing about you? I'm smart. 
What is your favorite song? "Every Storm (runs out of rain)" Gary Allan
What is your favorite scripture story? Jesus being crucified
What is your quote; something you say a lot? "Awkward silence..." (He is always repeating lines to movies. He remembers them so well.)

Joshua is so much fun. 
Maybe it's because he's the baby of the family
but he always brings a smile to everyone's face.
He is a sweet boy and calls me his girlfriend...
which is kind of weird but I like it. 
Some days he goes through three different outfits, 
dressing up as different characters. 
He loves superheroes and anything action-oriented. 
He loves to sit on our laps and still falls asleep during Sacrament. 
Although he won't sit on my lap unless it is in the privacy of our home. 
He's very aware of what other people think of him. 
He hates to embarrass himself in front of others. 
I remember at our family reunion at Bear Lake (the second time), 
he was caught by everyone and their cameras, peeing outside. 
He is still super embarrassed about that. 

I just know he's going to do great things when he grows up, just like his dad. 
And if the astronaut thing doesn't work out, I think he'd make a great actor!