Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh boy.

Trevor wakes me up every morning at five fifteen to make him a lunch and to pray together. 
This morning, after he left and I was back in bed, 
I got to thinking about my day, and then it turned into thinking about my days and then my life.
 I realized that I have it so easy. 
There are not many trying, hard days. 
We don't struggle or fight. 
Our good, happy days far outweigh any sad, unhappy days by years. 
The worst thing to happen to us (it seems) is that we have 
more than a two dollar fine at Creepy Mikes (Rexburg's video rental place). 
I have been able to stay home with my kids every day of their lives. 
I fix all their meals, and help them through their life changing experiences. 
I married a good, good man who gave me this life. 
He has worked so many long, tiring hours and still does at times. 
And he never complains. 
He's happy to do it and is just glad he doesn't have my job. 
I believe we are both exactly where we should be, 
doing exactly what we should be doing. 

Of course we do have the occasional hiccup...
like trying to reheat hard boiled eggs in the microwave:
Never try to reheat hard boiled eggs in the microwave. 
Unless of course, it's in need of a good, deep cleaning. 

And sometimes (okay-only far) we have a sick child during sacrament meeting. 
Not during a musical number and not even during a talk 
but while the Sacrament was being passed in dead silence.  
Stephen just threw up on the carpet in the aisle and the deacons had to walk all 
around it while they did their thing. 
I was sweating bullets, I was so embarrassed. 
But I like to think I acted with grace as I put on the gloves and
cleaned up all the nasty throw up while wearing my high heels. 
And I walked out of Sacrament with my head held high
cause I'm not about to let a thing like that get me down. 
However...I didn't say a word until we got to the truck and then...
I may have said a few things. 
While Trevor just laughed. 

Like I said, it's  great life...