Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Emily went to Turkey.

Not really, but close enough...
She (me and her) fixed a Turkish meal called Gatoula. 
It was so delicious. 
We even made the pita that went on the bottom of the dish. 
It's something we will definitely be making again.
 Plain Greek yogurt went on top and even Trevor liked that. 
 And we ate all of it! 
That was 2 and 1/2 pounds of chicken.!
 For dessert we made Baklava. 
This was pretty time consuming but so worth it. 
It was very sweet so we could only eat small pieces...
plus it cost about twenty dollars to make 
so we need to make it last!
After dinner Emily told us some interesting facts about Turkey and the church there. 
We were surprised to find out that the Turkish people are 99.8%  Muslim 
and the rest of the population consists of all other religions. 
She then taught her lesson on The Plan of Salvation
and did a great job. 
I love being taught the gospel by my children. 
And I'm always surprised by how much they know since teaching them
has never been my strong point. 
She bore her testimony, received her Turkish Book of Mormon 
and then we had dessert. 
It was a great evening!