Monday, March 18, 2013

New Zealand

Our final missionary homecoming for the year 2013. 
Stephen went to New Zealand and learned more about the Maori people. 
He taught us a great lesson on the commandments. 
Together we fixed fish and chips and cheddar cheese puffs.
And for dessert we had Rice Bubble Slice.
It's just fancy rice krispie treats and instead of using marshmallows,
we used sugar and honey.
They were much better if you ask me.
And they were easy enough for Stephen to make on his own.

Funny enough, Stephen picked out his drink for dinner which was Kiwi Strawberry
not knowing that the Maori people call themselves Kiwi's.

Stephen did a fantastic job.
The whole time he was teaching us (30 minutes!!!) I was thinking about
how much he reminded me of a missionary.
Later after I told Trevor that, he said that he was thinking the same thing.
He is going to be a great (official) missionary in nine years.
Stephen makes me smile.
I'm pretty sure I didn't stop smiling while he was giving his lesson.
He just makes me happy.