Sunday, May 26, 2013

3 weeks!?!

I can't believe it's been that long since I've blogged. 
We've been super busy around here.  
See for yourself:
We've gone rampant on random kissing pictures.   
 The girls had an orchestra concert on the same night as one of Stephens baseball games. 
We had to split up for the evening; I was at the game, Trevor was at the concert.
They all did a great job. 
 I love this picture. It's from Mothers Day and I'm determined to frame it and 
hang it up in Emilys room just so that when she's going through her difficult teenage years,
she'll be able to see how much I love her. 
 Stephen turned nine years old! 
He was so happy with his beanbag chair, books and reading lamp. 
Can't you tell?
 Candice and Grandma Barwick came for a visit. 
Carl and Grandma are great friends...
We loved having them come to visit. 
It's never long enough.
(I mean that Candice!)
 That's Kyran ^. Her boys are so fun and sooo mischievous.
We absolutely love them. 
Josh has taken to going to bed in just his undies. 
And sometimes he'll wear socks.
We think he might be getting a bit too big for that...and too big to be carried..
it's just that some habits are so hard to break. 

Tomorrow is a day off for Trevor! 
We have a garden to plant, a tree to stick in the ground, 
a picnic to go to and some other equally thrilling events. 
I hope you have a great Memorial Day!