Thursday, May 2, 2013

Strange but in a good way.

Joshua has this glove that he's cut all the fingers out of. 
You can find him wearing it most of the time here at home.
He also has adopted his own sense of style. 
Everyday it has to be a long sleeve shirt (sometimes with another shirt on top),
jeans (no shorts...yet), 
and one of his hoodies. 
And often his glove. 

Annabelle is starting to get her summertime freckles again. 
She certainly has some rosy cheeks. 

Stephen started baseball again and is doing great!
He's the oldest on his team and it shows...

Ignore the dirty window below and instead focus on the kid underneath. 
And the glove. Typical.
You can't see it but I'm sure the stink in that room is horrendous. 
I had to buy Josh a second pair of school shoes this year. 
The first ones were really good New Balance shoes, 
second ones were cheap Kmart shoes. 
Never again will I buy Kmart shoes. 

The cheaper the shoe, the stinkier the feet. 
That's wisdom from a wisdom-less girl.