Monday, July 15, 2013

Stephen and Art

I made the mistake of pointing out to Stephen that his clothes did not match at all today. 
It was funny but I think if he likes it, he should wear it. 
And he wears it well, right?
While we were at the Art museum tonight, we saw a picture of Stephens future bride:
Isn't she handsome?
Typical family photo in front of a 
who-knows-what-that statue-is-but-it-looks-monumental kind of statue.
And then we got home and Stephen showed us his mad face. 
I'm not sure if he was mad because he didn't match, or because he's going to marry a she-man, 
or if it's because he had to shut the door of the car. 
No matter which reason it is, his mad face is super funny and made me and Trevor laugh.
He is such an awesome kid. 
We love him a lot.