Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A little getaway...

The weekend after the marathon Trevor and I headed up to Seattle to spend a weekend together without the kids. Candice watched our kids for us the whole weekend... the day that we left, she got sick and then Joshua got sick and then Stephen....Poor Candice! But she claimed that our kids were awesome and so well behaved. I hope she's telling the truth (she's not a liar so I'm pretty sure she's being honest!)
Trevor and I rented a car for the trip which was the best decision. It was super nice and it had Sirius which was so fun. We could listen to whatever we wanted to. It took us about 8 hours to drive from Boise to Seattle but we love road trips together. We use to take road trips a lot. We'd buy beef jerky and soda and listen to music and have so much fun no matter how long of a drive it was.
We stayed with some friends who had a condo rented out for the weekend. Our first night we went to a "fancy" restaurant. It felt like the food was second to the experience of the restaurant. Trevor and I would have been happy to eat at a hot dog stand but we had to at least try something fancy. I did not like my food; Trevor loved his. After dinner, and after driving around the city, we went to a late movie. Lucky for us the air conditioner broke so we all received free tickets to another movie. The next morning, we went to Pike Place market and ate crumpets...again I didn't love it but Trevor did (so funny~ I think a pattern is starting!) W walked around a whole lot more and just saw everything there was to see. We really enjoyed taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. That was Trevors favorite thing to do. We went to a museum, ate fish and chips and walked and walked. We were able to hold hands the whole time (which was probably my favorite part!) and enjoy being around each other. That night, we went to the best burger place- it seemed to be in a shady area but it was so worth the possibility of being mugged. It was the second best burger I've ever had. Then we went to another movie and called it a night.
Both nights it was fun to sit up with our friends and watch everyone in the building next door to ours. Trevor couldn't figure out why anyone would want to live in a home that you had to take an elevator to and then have the whole world be able to watch your life through huge windows that had no coverings on them. It was certainly entertaining!
The next morning we went to church and were shocked to learn that the church is still true even in Seattle! Kidding..but it was interesting to note the slight differences. We loved it.
I absolutely loved Seattle. It just may be my favorite city to visit. I can't wait to go with our kids.
Since I forgot my camera (I was so mad) I have no pictures. Luckily I texted some from our phone to Candice and our friends took some for us, I just don't have them yet.
So here's one I took Saturday night and it can now be considered our Seattle picture: