Sunday, October 27, 2013


So admittedly, it is not our favorite thing to do but we do it each year because: 
1. It's expected. What parents don't carve pumpkins with their children? 
Bad ones. 
2. The kids love it. 
Any way possible for us to win extra points with our kids is a no brainer must-do.
 Trevor did most of the work with the kids. 
I got to make dinner and take pictures. 

Now we have one more item we can check off of our 
Lets's-Just-Get-Halloween-Over-With-And-Move-Onto-The-Good-Holidays list. 
All I have left is finding Annabelle a costume and 
convincing Trevor to dress up. 
One of those two things is gonna happen and it involves Minnie Mouse.
Stay tuned...