Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So much to say.

And so I will start with what's one my mind first.

I love my sisters (and brothers but sorry P.J this ones for the girls). When I think of our differences, it makes me realize all the ways I wish I was more like them.
For instance they are super healthy. Like really healthy.
Candice keeps a bag of almonds, semi sweet chocolate chips and craisins around for a snack. And she drinks green smoothies.  I have butterfingers in my cupboard (or I did till Trevor and I ate them all last night while watching Raising Hope..)
Jessica drinks Crio Bru..some kind of cocoa bean drink that is healthy. I drink hot chocolate with lots of sugar to make it taste good.
Amy drinks smoothies and protein drinks and works out two hours a day. I drink Diet Mountain Dew while I watch Raising Hope.
And my sister in law Mckenna? You should see the healthy food she makes (follow her on instagram and you can: mckennasfood). It looks amazingly healthy and edible!
So what's my point?
I love all these girls and throughout the day they inspire me without them even knowing it. Like those times I make me a spinach salad for lunch (like now) or when I make myself a bag of almonds and milk chocolate chips to snack on or when I get my exercise done early in the day.
I miss them many times every day and all day.
Who knows, maybe I inspire them to get that chick o' stick every once in a while...