Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Our house has officially sold!!!!!! That sentence deserves so many exclamation marks! Trevor and I signed the paperwork yesterday and the buyers sign tonight.
I cannot even adequately express how excited we are to finally be done with that house. It was a great home and we have a lot of happy memories from living there. But it has been so stressful for the past three years to still be owning it.
And now because it's sold, we can do some updates on our house now. We have a big list of things that need to be done: bathroom added, floors replaced, doors replaced, coop finished, wood stove installed, knocking out a wall and adding a wall, texturing done, some walls painted...The list would almost be exhausting if we weren't so excited to be able to do these things!
To celebrate the end here are some pictures of my favorite parts of the house:
 The fireplace before was just sheet rock so Trevor updated it with wood and a new mantel~ I loved it.
 Trevor also built us a window seat. I never got around to putting a cushion on it but 
if I would have had a chance, I'm sure it would have been my favorite reading spot.
 The kitchen was my favorite part of the whole house. Trevor took out the old tile and 
I added the new tile on the back splash and the hardware on the cupboards. 
The kitchen may have been small but the space was very easy to use and functional. 
About two months before we moved, we painted it.
It was smurf blue before and was easy to give directions to: "Just look for the tall blue house".
But after painting it, it was much prettier. 

Now I'm almost missing it...but not quite. 
Congratulations to the new owners! I hope you love this house as much as we did!