Sunday, November 3, 2013

The weekend.

Joshua ate all of his candy. 
And left every single one of his wrappers in random places around the house. 
I'm so glad it's gone. 
 Trevor and Stephen installed the new chimney. 
They were both pretty nervous to be on the roof but they survived. 
Look at that blue sky!
Saturday was such a beautiful day. 
 Joshua got to go into the attic and find Trevors phone. 
It was buried under insulation. 
We could hear it ring but couldn't figure out where it was coming from...
Thank goodness Spidey was there to help us out.
We had stake conference today and so we were done with church by noon. 
It made it such an awesomely long day!
Annabelle made some delicious cinnamon rolls:
 We ate them while we watched AFV. 
We're so glad that show is back...
Joshua was Emilys shoulder angel for the evening (sometimes shoulder devil).
Trevor fell asleep on my shoulder for awhile while I read Anna Karenina. 
That's actually a good book. 
I had my doubts. 

Now we get to start another busy week. 
We have a lot to do in the house like....
taking out all the old carpet~ I can't wait! 
We picked a pre-finished natural oak for our new floors. 
Hopefully this week we'll be able to get a plumber and an electrician out. 
Don't they know we need a new bathroom???