Monday, March 10, 2014

An update. What?!?

That's what I'm doin', an update, fa reel, ya'll.

She's adorable.
She just started track today. And her thighs are sore. I'm trying to convince her that it feels good but it's not working. She's going to do great though.
She has grown up so much in the last 11 months. It's hard to believe that she is almost 13. I'm not ready, I tell ya. Just not ready.
Emily loves the show Psych. If Trevor and I are out for the evening, we come home and that's what she's watching while the kids are in bed. I love the show too, but she absolutely loves the show. I think she has a crush on Shawn and Gus. Or she just thinks they are really funny. Cause they are.

Oh man. No one ever warns you about the terrible eleven's. They are terrible.
One minute she's happy, the next minute she's biting your head off. Emily went through it too and so we realize it's normal and that we just need to be patient. But it's hard.
Anna loves her friends. And she is such a good friend to others. She is always quick to say something nice or to involve those around her in whatever it is she's doing.
She's going to play soccer this spring and is pretty excited because she gets to play with all her friends.
When Anna is not hormoningly (is that a word? it is now.) ornery, she is such a sweet and fun girl. And she can surprise you by her wit. We find ourselves laughing a lot at the things she says.

Everything you need to know about Stephen you can see in his eyes. He's an open book.
He's not too complicated (unlike girls) and he's a hard worker.
He's smart too. I get to volunteer in his classroom as a reading group leader and I love seeing him with his friends.
Stephen absolutely loves to read.
He's not embarrassed to say "I love you" to me in front of his friends either.
Stephen is so much like Trevor. And he wants to be like Trevor too.
Stephen is learning how to give birth to a cow. Okay, how to help a cow give birth to a calf. He's in 4H and when he came home from one of his meetings, he told us he knew how to give birth to a cow. We were shocked until we realized what he meant.
This spring he will get to help raise a calf and milk it and all that fun stuff. And enter his calf/cow into the county fair.
He's our little farmer.
He starts kid pitch baseball in just a few weeks.

He's a mama's boy and a dad's boy.
He loves Curious George.
He's a great reader and a really good speller. I just wish I could get him to love reading. One day, maybe.
He takes his role as baby of the family seriously.
Except he's not spoiled, I promise. No really, he's not!
Okay maybe a little.
Josh loves hot wheel cars.
He also loves my phone and from the minute I wake up, he's asking if he can play on it.
He starts coach pitch baseball in a few weeks and is super excited.

He's a hard worker.
He's super handsome.
He is always aware of me. (that sounds weird but it's true)
He's an awesome dad. He made me take a bath the other night while him and the kids made dinner and he didn't have any music playing or anything. They all just talked and laughed. And the dinner was really good.

I am understanding math.
I am reading a really good book right now called "The Scapegoat".
I'm going to start running again in a few weeks. I think my knee is healed and so it's time to get ready for the marathon.
I love being Trevors wife.
And I love being my kids mom.

The end.