Monday, March 10, 2014

Josh went to Madagascar!

We started off the evening with an authentic meal prepared by me and Josh called 
Vary Amin Anana. 
We authentically ate on the floor too.
It was delicious and used ingredients I've never tried before: watercress and a turnip.
Everyone liked it and had seconds. 

When it comes to food, the Haslems are not a hard crowd to please....

He also got to teach us a skill that would be helpful when on a mission. 
Josh taught us how to fold towels. 
(not to be competitive or anything, but I could fold towels better than anyone)
Now there can never be any excuses for there being towels 
that need to be folded in a pile on the couch....
Josh gave us an awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation. 
He acted nervous but he knew what he was teaching by heart. 
And he bore such a good testimony at the end. 
I am so grateful that I get to be with this kid for eternity. 
He makes me happy. 
Before bed I accidentally made him cry by reminding him that he would be gone 
for two years on a real mission when he turns 18. 
(he wasn't really crying though, he said his eyes were just watering...)

He's a mama's boy but he's a dad's boy too.