Monday, April 7, 2014


I feel so much peace living here in Rexburg, Idaho. 
It's our home and it's where I want my children to grow up. 
I've thought a lot about peace lately. Especially the amount of peace that is felt in my home. I sometimes wonder if my kids are the only kids in the world to not get along. I know they aren't and that all kids argue and fight, but in the midst of it, it's hard to realize I'm not alone. This past weekend while watching general conference, I was inspired with some ways to make my home more peaceful.
I need to have a home where the spirit feels welcome. Listening to conference talks, uplifting church music, or just nothing at all, is one way to invite the spirit. If the spirit is present, during those times my kids feel frustration with each other, they will be better able to come up with ways to handle it that don't include yelling or kicking each other in the shins or pinching...(the list could go on.)
Lately we have gotten off track with our scripture study. I think that's one reason there's been so much contention between our kids. For a week now, we've had consistent,  meaningful scripture study and the feeling in our house is much better.
Something else I'm working on is treating my kids the way I want them to treat each other; with a softer, kinder voice, with patience, and with apparent love. At the general womens conference, we were taught to "love each other more, love each other better." I want my kids to learn to do that and I know that it starts with a good example.
I know that if I can continue doing these things, trying harder to have the spirit feel welcome in our home, then we will have so much more peace! There will still be disagreements but we will know better how to handle them.
And it will be so worth it!

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Amy Foster said...

Hi Sarah! I heard about your accident. I'm so sorry. I want you to know you and your family are in my fervent prayers. I love you and am so thankful you guys are alive. I just ran on to your blog today and am so thankful I did. What a great post. Trust me. You are not alone in the constant quest for peace in the home! My kids fight, too! Tons! You gave great advice. Thank you! I pray that your family recovers quickly and fully from this accident. Thinking about you! Hugs!