Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My girls.

When Emily was born, we were expecting a boy. And the same goes with Annabelle. Its been 12 years since Anna was born and I couldnt be more proud or more pleased with my two beautiful ladies. That being said, they can make me certifiably insane. The last couple of days they haven't talked to each other without it becoming an argument. And I know arguing at this age won't be detrimental to their adult relationship with each other but there are some things I wish I could make them understand.
1. One day they are going to rely on each other for support and comfort. I remember the day my brother Stephen went to the hospital, my siblings and I were outside with the ambulances. I saw my sister Jessica and felt that I needed to be near her. We hugged each other and I remember being comforted because she was there.
2. Life will get hard and talking to me will not be easy and they may not even want to. But they will be able to talk to each other. With them being so close in age, they will be able to understand each other. That is priceless.
3. Everybody needs a defender. Whether its from bullies who steal your backpack (remember that, Candice?) Or from the harsh let-down from friends. Its nice to know someone has your back.
4. Some times we all get scared. I was scared a lot growing up. I remember one time crying in my closet and my sister Amy came and hugged me and took my fears away. She gave me courage to wipe away my tears and keep going.
I just want my girls to love each other. Me and my sisters didnt always get along but we always loved each other. I hope Emily and Annabelle can say that about each other one day...

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Madsens said...

I remember that, and the comfort you brought to me. I'm so very grateful for my sister's. Someday they'll laugh at their little arguments and the annoying things they did to each other, just like we do :)