Thursday, August 7, 2014

Report Card

There are times during the day when I feel so happy. I've always been happy, but its little moments that fill me up with happiness. Of course, there are also times during the day when I feel super frustrated...I just like to remember the happy moments.
I love my life. Love, love, love. I am grateful for every moment, every experience...just everything. Things aren't perfect. They never will be. I don't think I will ever be the person I want to be. But I am so happy with where we are right now. We are healthy, alive, and so content.

Here's a progress report on each of us.

She is doing great. Her back hurts when she sleeps or when she's been slumping for too long but she never complains. Her arm is pretty scarred from the road rash but we have a prescription cream that should help them fade. Except for her puncture scar on her upper arm. She's decided not to to try to fade that. It's a good reminder of what's happened; sort of like a battle scar. She's started physical therapy and is doing a lot of exercises to get her strength back and to help improve her posture. I hope they help. She's a great example to all of us of a cheerful attitude.

Anna is healed from her concussion and the staples she had to close the wound on her head. She worries about me a lot. I know that she is frightened a little more than usual about things but she is happy and healthy. She helps out around the house so much and is very aware of what needs to be done and how she can help out, whether that means ushering the boys outside when mom is breaking down (it's only happened once) or just asking if someone is feeling okay. I'm proud of the courage she's shown.

Stephen is also doing great. His concussion is healed and we just worry now about brain injury. Just kidding. Seriously though, he is just as fun and silly and as annoying to his sisters as he's ever been! He makes us laugh. He also tries to help out whenever and is always watching out for Joshua, making sure he is safe. He's a really great big brother to him.

Joshua went to his doctors appointment a couple of weeks ago. It was a great visit and his doctors say that he is healing really well. He goes back in about two weeks to find out if his brace can come off. As long as his bones are all fused together, he should be okay. He's had his brace off only once since then and that was to brush off the ants that were crawling all over him after standing in an ant pile! He really does not like to have it taken off. He feels safer with it on.
He's starting to have a harder time whenever he's told he can't do something. I think he's just tired of sitting around and is ready to be his active little self again. We are a little nervous for when he starts school that he won't be careful but it's something we will discuss with his doctors and his teacher. He has been much more patient than could ever be expected from a seven year old and we are so pleased with how well he has done. He's a very tough kid.

I'm healing fine as well. I've gotten the go ahead to stop wearing my brace but it scares me. I'm still very robotic in my movements. Partly because I'm afraid it will hurt and partly because I really can't move my neck. I'm still on a lot of pain killers but not nearly the amount the doctors think I should be on. My pain is managed really well and so if I accidentally skip a dose or go off the pain killers completely like I did a couple of weeks ago, I'm in a lot of trouble (pain). So I keep alarms set on my phone that reminds me when to take a dose. I go back to my doctor in about a month for more x-rays and at that point I'll most likely start physical therapy.
I started driving just this week and the first time I did!- it was the hardest thing I've ever done. We were on our way home from Idaho Falls and I was following Trevor. We were on the highway and I couldn't go over 45 mph. I was crying and having a really hard time. Trevor decided to take an exit to see how I was doing. I said I was fine even though I wasn't and so we kept going. I knew I couldn't continue to cry the whole way home, that it probably wasn't very safe, so I decided to "tell" myself my testimony. I just kept going over everything I knew about the gospel. It comforted me and it calmed me. And I made it home safely. Since then, each time I've driven, it's gotten easier.

He worries. So much. And I love him for it. He has been a nurse, a mother, a homemaker, a provider and a dad. I know he struggles with the stress but he tries not to show it. He is just so good to us and we love him so much. When I remember the words from my patriarchal blessing about marrying a man who had the power to do right, I know I made the right choice in marrying Trevor. He is everything.

(this photo taken tonight while watching cake boss and 
eating oriental chicken salad which was sooooo good!)

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Madsens said...

So proud of all of you, and so very thankful for continued healing.