Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The thick and thin of it.

I've got three different things I could do right now; watch Army Wives, read my book "The Hard Way" (its Jack Reacher and I actually really like it), or I could update my blog. As you can tell, the blog won. And I have something specific to blog about.
Body image.
I know...its a tough one.
But its on my mind. 
For as long as I can remember I've had issues with the way my own body looked. No matter what other people thought about how my body looked, my opinion was the only one that mattered and it was never a nice opinion. The months before our accident I was having a very hard time with the way I looked and fit into clothes. I had gained weight despite my hour and a half work outs and my relatively healthy eating.  Having been told all my life how thin I was, when I did gain weight it felt like I was losing part of my identity. Its crazy, I know but my mind was being mean to me. And I allowed it to belittle myself constantly. Looking back, I can see the purpose in my weight gain and that it was a blessing that couldn't be appreciated until after the accident and seeing the reason for it.
Sine then I've realized that we are much, much too hard on ourselves. I am not the number on the scale or the inches on the tape measure. How can a person enjoy life when constantly worried about that stuff? I know I can't. But I also know I will always struggle with my body image. I read an article today on a woman who has battled the same thing. Her words could be my words: "Today I'm at a healthy weight, though I realize that my obsession will always be with me in some way. For years the voice inside me has gotten louder or quieter at times. It may never disappear completely, but hopefully one day it'll be so quiet, it’ll only be a whisper and I’ll wonder, Was that just the wind?" Zosia Mamet

Oh and look! I got crafty...(thanks Pinterest!)


Madsens said...

Loved this! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

Candice and Quinn said...

SOMEDAY i'm sending Jovie back to read your blogs. Your WISE beyond your young years.