Sunday, September 7, 2014

The A word.

And by the A word I mean accident. I get tired of talking about it, thinking about it and living it. The kids have healed so well. The only problem is Emilys backpack hurting her back from being so heavy. Hopefully we have a solution for that that she'll be ok with. (I have my douts...Vans do not make a backpack with wheels)
There isn't a morning yet where the first thing on my mind is something other than my neck and the same thing goes for the last thing on my mind before I finally fall asleep.
I went to the doctor again this week for xrays and a check up. Trevor came away feeling great about it, I came away slightly discouraged. The surgery part of my neck is healing perfectly. However until an issue I'm having in the vertebra below the surgery sight resolves, I have to keep getting xrays. Granted I don't need them again until December but still it could go on for a long time... I can now lift up to 25 lbs and exercise more which is great. But I have to stay inside all winter unless someone is with me. Apparently a fall on the ice could be horrible. And it's always icy in Rexburg!
We're trying to change my pain meds now too. I'm coming off the narcotic and switching to a muscle relaxer. Yesterday (saturday) I took my new pill for the first time and I slept most of the day. And when I wasn't actually laying down sleeping, I was practically walking around sleeping! We're hoping it was a first time thing. I'm going to try it again today and see if it's any better. It's exactly the reason why we waited until the weekend to try this new pill; so we could see how it affected me. Which brings me to Trevor....It always comes back to him, right? He's so patient with me. This weekend we were going to clean up the yard together and all I did was sleep. He didn't complain once. He just made sure I was comfortable and did what needed to be done without me.  I did get to watch him make a huge bonfire with the pile of scrap wood we had in the backyard and that was pretty cool, although kind of scary.
He's just so good. He doesn't realize how good he is but I do. I'm grateful everyday for him.
Now that school has started, it's pretty quiet around here during the day. I'm handling it much better this year than I did last year. I'm in a better place emotionally now. I feel more secure and more at peace with myself now than I have for quite awhile.
And now I'm tired of myself! Seriously I need to blog about something different once in awhile. But it's 4 in the morning and I had to do something other than lay here and stare at the ceiling. Church is in a few hours and I'm looking forward to it. I love to hear others testimonies and to be uplifted by them. We have such a great ward with such strong people. I'm so happy with where we live...

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Candice and Quinn said...

Don't stop posting about yourself! We need to hear it! I hope your pills have gotten better for you. Love you and your beautiful family.