Friday, November 7, 2014

My mind is full...but empty.

Lately it seems my mind flits around from thought to thought and never settles on one. I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm discouraged. I'm weak one minute and strong the next. am I supposed to come up with something to blog about when I can't settle on any one thing? But Trevor likes when I blog because he says it gives him more insight into my brain. So for that reason and because my family likes it, I'm going to try.
And the winning thought goes to......: Date night. Cause it's Friday night and that's generally what we do.
Tonight we are going to go see Intersellar and I'm super excited! We've been seeing the trailer for it for months and have been so anxious to see it (at least I have!). Trevor and I love going to movies it's probably our favorite thing to do together. Last week we celebrated our 15th anniversary and we had an amazing day together. Trevor planned it and we did all the things we've loved to do together for the last 17 years (well, not all the things but a lot of them)...which included going to see a movie. We saw Dracula and I really liked it but Trevor thought it was too dark, like evil dark. It was gory and depressing but still, for some reason I really enjoyed it.
The last 15 years have gone by so fast. Too fast.
So tonight we will go to dinner and then a movie and then come home and relax. Date nights not over until we're sleeping.
This week on Wednesday morning before school two of my kids said, "It's only Wednesday?! It's already been the longest week!" And I totally agreed with them. So that night I told them that if they had their homework done by 6:45, we'd watch a movie and eat chocolate popcorn. And we did and had a really great evening together.
My favorite TV show to watch lately has been House M.D. Every night Trevor and I sit down and watch one or two episodes together. It's relaxing and has totally increased our medical vocabulary. Like when someone is sick I could say "Actually you might have Sarsordosis or maybe a case of Cushings." I generally have no idea what the words mean but it feels smart to say them.
As we were watching an episode one night the character Wilson said something that I immediately wrote down because I kind of related to it: "Being miserable doesn't make you better than everyone else, it just makes you miserable." I'm not sure why I relate to that quote or if I really even want to examine the possible reasons why I relate to it, I just want to repeat it in my mind occasionally just to keep myself in check.
For not having anything to blog about, I sure did write up a long one.
I'm thinking I should start blogging again...more often. Maybe.
This picture was taken on Halloween and was about the most normal one we took.
And this next one was not taken on our anniversary but while we were at a movie which is kind of fitting for this post, right?


Lisa said...

I love the show House. And Wilson is the best. I enjoyed the updates on your cute family! Glad you guys had a fun anniversary.

Marcia Milne said...

Glad to see that you're back! I'm so sorry about your accident, but glad that you are all recovering! We were married close to the same time, and have been married 15 years as well. Where on earth does the time go? Your kids are darling, your hair is picture perfect, and I love being able to read about your cute family. Hugs.