Thursday, November 19, 2009

My favorite things!

I read a blog that is doing a "favorite things party" (you know, like Oprah)
So, I decided to do one also and have anyone who reads my blog (is there anyone out there??) to do one themselves! Here I go:
I love lamps, especially unique ones...
Sonic Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper (which, I might add, I am trying to stop drinking...)
Chili's Chips and Salsa are the BEST! It's a common occurence in our house to run down to Chili's to-go and pick up a bag of these and watch The Office or Psych.
Nachos, especially on Friday nights when its Nacho Movie night!
The look of old books. I just love these ones.....

My window seat which is coming along quite nicely. This picture is not it but it's going to look very similiar to it (minus the fanciness....)

My sister, Candice, who moved here about two months ago, and I am LOVING it! Now if only I could get my other sisters to move here too (and my mom and dad and brother and his family!)

I've got lots more favorite stuff just not ones with images.

Like how Trevor has been working so hard to get the window seat done after he just barely got done with the fireplace (and he doesn't complain when I tell him the next 3 projects I have for him to do!)

And when my kids are so perfectly well behaved... definitley a favorite, it just doesn't happen very often. I guess if they were always perfectly well behaved, I wouldn't appreciate it so much! So now I want to know what your favorite stuff is! If "you" are even there!


Myndie said...

I love sonic ice and chips and salsa are yummy. Great list!

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

Hi Sarahjean! We used to live in northwest Nampa by the Idaho Center~we loved it there! I love old books and sisters are my favorites too:) Thanks for sharing with us all~