Thursday, May 6, 2010

I want to blog, Im just not sure what about...

Im feeling a tad random and a tad nostalgic. I don't know why. Maybe it's because my screen saver is of every single digital picture I have ever taken~ just keeps flipping through those photos.
Trevor and I often feel the need to be simpler. But then we remember that we are "simpletons" Really, how much simpler could we get?
It's a good thing.


oh, didn't you know that we're friends with George? Everyone should be. He's great. Haven't seen him much lately, though...





Me, this morning, courtesy of Stephen.
Trevor, about 5 minutes ago. He doesn't go to bed without me, he just falls asleep wherever I am. I love it. Which is probably why he does it.
Us as we usually are, on the couch, talking, watching t.v., taking random pictures of ourselves.  

So there you go. Now I'm off to bed. After I wake up Trevor so we can go upstairs together...
He's my best friend, you know.


Jenee said...

Sarah: I LOVE YOU, woman!!!!
We consider ourselves "simple" too. That doesn't necessarily make me feel self righteous -or- jealous of others... It's just who we are, and we are happy this way. :o)
I love your "random" blogging. And I love the example you & Trevor set of the true love you have for one another. There is *real* happiness in your family, and I can feel that... even across the country in Georgia.

Joyleen said...

That first picture of Stephen on Trevor's lap looks so much like Trevor at that age. I love and miss you guys!!!! When are we going to California? You've not got back to me.

Anonymous said...
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