Monday, December 13, 2010

For those with the Haslem "Hamburger Bun" recipe

I use to make these a lot and in time just ended up forgetting about them.
and shame on you if you've forgotten about them also. 
Just to prove how much I use to make these, here's a photo of my recipe card. 
(I generally halve the recipe)

Last night while making dinner, I realized I didn't have enough milk to make Stacie's roll recipe (equally yummy). 
So I got out my cookbook and made hamburger buns instead. (don't let the name fool you; they taste nothing like the cheap hamburger buns you buy at the store; these are infinitely better)

Anyways, the reason for this post....

I made these rolls, but made them with ham and cheese and grilled them.
Sounds genius, right?
It was. 

I put a slice of mozzarella on each side of a split bun with ham in the middle. Then I put them on a hot griddle and flattened them a bit and let them brown on each side until the cheese melted. 
I didn't need to butter each side before grilling since I butter the buns when they come  out of the oven. 

And they were delicious. Everyone, meaning me, Trevor, Emily, Annabelle, and Stephen, loved them. 
(Joshua fell asleep before dinner; we had a little bit of drama; he got hurt and did his fainting thing again. I hate when that happens. But he fell right asleep afterwards. I'm not sure if thats a good thing or not?)

And we served buttered cabbage on the side; which surprisingly, everyone likes also.....

So now I've given you a great idea for dinner tonight. 
I'm making the buns again except this time we're having them with Cinnamon Sloppy Joes.
So winter-y and comforting. 


sjcbthompson said...

Wow- that sounds good...BTW-I have never made the 'hamburger buns' for my family:( Maybe I will start today.

Brent said...

Now you will have to tellme what a Cinnamon Sloppy Joe is.

Amy Foster said...

Mmm, sounds so good, Sarah! Thanks for the idea! That's one I'm definitely going to try out this week! Hope your little guy's okay!

Chelsey and Adam said...

Wow I forgot about those too...I don't think Adam has had them. Looks like it's time to mkae a good totally home cooked meal!

Candice and Quinn said...

I hate when joshy does that too, I'm sorry that happened! The buns sound yum, sure wish Quinn liked bread more so I wouldn't have to eat the whole batch!